MAZE Day Information & YMCA After School Program

NOTE: We need MAZE Day Volunteers!
If anyone can volunteer on either MAZE Day, your help would be greatly appreciated! Older students are also welcome to help with selling spirit wear, marking off mazeforms or answering questions. Spanish speaking volunteers are needed as well.  If you can help, please contact or call the school office.

What are the dates for the MAZE days?
August 19 – MAZE Day for students with last names A-L from 5:00-7:00pm*
August 21 – MAZE Day for students with last names M-Z from 4:00-6:00pm*

Who needs to attend MAZE day?
All Roosevelt parents, not just TK, Kinder or new families, are asked to attend.

I can’t come to my scheduled MAZE day. Can I go to the other one?
Yes. If the MAZE day date that was scheduled for your last name doesn’t work for you, please come to the other one.

I can’t come to either MAZE day. What do I do?
If you can’t attend either MAZE day, please come in to the office on Monday morning before school starts.

I didn’t get my MAZE day packet. What do I do?
The MAZE day packets are being mailed to Roosevelt families on Thursday, August 14, so check your mailbox for a big envelope after the 14th. There will be blank forms available for you at both MAZE days, so please come even if you didn’t receive a packet in the mail.

Do I have to be at MAZE day for the two hours that it’s open?
No. The scheduled times are just a window. You can come any time during the scheduled time.

What do I need to bring with me?
You need to fill out all of your forms BEFORE MAZE Day. (If you are having trouble with any of your forms, assistance will be provided during both MAZE days.) In addition to your completed forms, bring your checkbook, credit cards or cash for the enrichment fund and spirit wear. Once you’ve turned in all of your completed forms, you will receive your child’s teacher/class assignment and school supply list.

Why don’t the MAZE day packets go out earlier?
The paperwork doesn’t go out until just before school starts for many reasons:
1. The school office is closed and the staff is on vacation until the second week of August.
2. The office doesn’t receive the final enrollment list until the weeks before school starts, so even if the office was open, they wouldn’t have a complete list of addresses
3. PTA volunteers have to submit pieces for the packets
4. Everything has to be translated and then copies must be made.
5. One packet per student (over 600 this year) has to be assembled by the office staff
6. A mailing that big has to be scheduled with the Post Office by Gwen

The packets cannot be mailed out much earlier than they are because it wouldn’t be possible given the above timetable and logistical constraints.

YMCA After School ProgramYMCA-logo
There are a limited number of spaces available for the YMCA After School program starting August 25th.  Spaces are available on a first come-first served basis and will fill quickly.  The YMCA program for Grades K-8 operates 5 days a week from the release of school until 6pm.  Students receive homework help, healthy snacks, physical education and academic enrichment daily.  The program is grant-funded and requires participants to attend all 5 days for a minimum of 3hrs each day; students may attend parallel programs (after school sports, tutoring, art, music, etc.) and be enrolled in the YMCA After School Program.  For more information and to confirm space for your child, please contact the Site Director, Alyce Rivas, at 650-257-0119 or  Registration packets are available in the school office and at MAZE days.


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