Reminders for Thursday & Friday!

Thursday, February 5reminder
If you didn’t get a chance to attend this morning’s community budget meeting, please try to attend the one tonight from 6:30-8:00pm at Garfield School, 3600 Middlefield Road. The Redwood City School District is asking parents to participate in these community budget meetings. The district is required to get input from the community to help the district prioritize spending for the Local Control Accountability Plan which gets turned in to Sacramento for approval.

Friday, February 6
Free Dress Friday!

Lockdown Drill (see letter in last Thursday’s folders)

The next challenge has begun! Our next challenge is with Henry Ford Elementary. During the month of February, let’s see if we can collect more BoxTops than the parents at Henry Ford and make their principal wear Roosevelt spiritwear every Friday for a month! We won our last challenge with Adelante and we brought in just over $600 worth of BoxTops! Let’s see if we can top that with this next challenge!

Teddy Roosevelt Visit…
Our 26th president and our school’s namesake, Theodore Roosevelt, is coming to our school on Wednesday, February 11. He will be going into each classroom and giving presentations to help the students get to know the history of his presidency. Our visitor has also agreed to perform at the Redwood City main library at 6:30pm on February 10. If you want to see some of what he’ll be doing at Roosevelt on the 11th, you’re welcome to attend that performance.

This event is not included in the PTA budget so the PTA is trying to raise the funds for this event and has created a GoFundMe account for donations. We are asking Roosevelt families to share the link of this GoFundMe effort on their own Facebook pages to get donations to this cause. Even if you cannot donate any money to the cause, please SHARE it on your Facebook page. The more exposure we are able to get on social media, the better chance we have of getting outside donations. Right now we’ve collected 34% of our goal! Here’s the link with some more information

January Wrap-Up…
The January Wrap-Up will be posted this Sunday, so if you have any pictures or information to submit, please turn them in by this Saturday, February 7 to

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