Q: What’s so great about the Roosevelt PTA?
A: We strive to build a community between parents, teachers, students and the administration. Your children spend half their waking lives at school and multiple studies have shown invested parents lead to invested children. And if that’s not reason enough, we also:

  • sponsor community events such as
    • family fun nights
    • parent-child events
    • movie nights
  • work to secure funding for student enrichment programs, such as
    • Art for All
    • field trips
    • advanced reading and technology programs
    • enrichment programs including Girls/Boys on the Run, Chess, & iSing
  • host “Coffee with the Principal” – intimate events designed to provide direct dialog with our school principal

Q: What does it mean to join the PTA? What kind of commitment are we talking here?
A: We do invite our PTA members to join our monthly PTA meeting, which generally will be held on the fourth Tuesday of each month from 6:00 until approximately 7:30 p.m. The complete list of meeting dates looks like this:

Tues, Sept 27 Tues,
Oct 25
Nov 29
Jan 24
Feb 28
Mar 28
Apr 25
May 23

At these events we provide updates on school happenings, explore budget asks, and hear from the principal on school and district news.

Q: Really? Just a bunch of meetings? Yawn.
Well – the meetings are actually pretty informative and fun (our kids often perform!). But parents can also volunteer to help out with particular initiatives or events. Check out the schedule of events and programs at www.roosevelt-pta.com, and click “volunteer” to sign-up!

In fact, there are several ways to participate:

Board Roles (President, Treasurer, etc) are voting positions that are elected annually, though the board can take on additional officers throughout the year for parents looking to contribute in that capacity (we can you make a VP of Just About Anything).

Committee Chairs lead groups focused on specific areas (eg Safety Committee, Graduation Committee)

Members/Volunteers need only to attend the meetings to the best of their ability and help out with the events, programs and communication when they can.

Q: I’d love to make it to the meetings, but, uh, kids!
Nice try. We tried that excuse our first year too.
But childcare is provided in the YMCA room during all meetings!

Q: I am a parent and therefore busy. Can I share a PTA role with someone else?
A: Yes, any PTA Board position can be shared (with the exception of President). Committees can have co-chairs, and volunteers can team-up to kick some butt.

Q: Do I have to work at or go to all of the school events?
A: No, we ask different grade levels to take the lead on most events throughout the year. Of course welcome your involvement beyond your students’ grade level, and appreciate all volunteers!

Q: But I have no idea what I’m doing . . .
A: Great news! Other PTA Board Members and volunteers are happy to show you the ropes and are willing and available to answer your questions via text, e-mail, or in person! Email us at help@roosevelt-pta.com or visit www.roosevelt-pta.com (as you have clearly already done!) to get in touch.

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